Balloons bobbed, baked beans bubbled, beverages brewed, banners blew and our Big Brekkie burst into life on the Saturday of Christian Aid Week (19th May).

Rob and Colin proved once and for all that men can multi-task by greeting guests, renewing supplies, clearing tables and establishing a friendly atmosphere.

At the hatch Sharron  served drinks and offered a pressing invitation to try every comestible on offer.  Few could resist the appeal of a table groaning with a display of cereals, milk, juices, fruit salad, jam, marmalade, honey, cheese and rolls.

At the stove our blue-aproned Minister pondered Sunday’s sermon while frying eggs and bringing out trays of crispy bacon and browned veggie sausages.

Guests relaxed over a second cup of coffee, reading the Christian Aid headline ‘Hungry for Justice’ and expressing a variety of views on the forthcoming royal wedding.

By 11.15 it was all over, and when the washing up was done and everything tidied away, we found that £246 had been raised for Christian Aid.  So well done one and all!  SPH.