DISCLAIMER: Market Harborough Congregational Church accepts no liability for injury or death to anyone using the building or for loss or damage of equipment brought in by users.

RESPONSIBLE PERSON: Hirers must be over 18 years old and be able to provide proof of address in the UK if required.

SAFETY: No activities are permitted that would endanger users of the Centre or compromise its policies of insurance.  In particular:

  • Fire exits, corridors and gangways must be kept clear at all times.
  • Hirers must be aware of the emergency evacuation procedures for the building and inform their group members accordingly.
  • Firefighting equipment must be kept in its proper place, kept clear of obstruction and only used for its intended purpose.
  • In the event of any outbreak of fire, the Fire Brigade shall be called and details passed to the Lettings Administrator as soon as possible.
  • Highly flammable substances shall not be brought onto the premises.
  • No unauthorised heating or electrical appliance shall be used on the premises (see also below)
  • First Aid boxes and equipment are provided for all users. A record of any accident or injury occurring on the premises must be entered into the Accident Book which is located in the kitchen and the Lettings Administrator informed.


ENERGY: In the interests of energy conservation, users are encouraged to make sure external doors are kept closed.

WASTE: It is the responsibility of the Hirer to provide black bags and remove all rubbish, food, packaging, bottles, etc., at the end of the hire period.  Users are encouraged to recycle as much waste as possible.  The Church reserves the right to make additional charges for the removal of any waste left on the premises (including excessive waste left in the external bins).

CANCELLATION: Cancellations must reach the Lettings Administrator at least TWO days prior to the booked date via email (lettingsmhcong@outlook.com)  or the full hire charge will be due.

TERMINATION: For regular bookings, three months’ notice of termination may be given by either side in writing, preferably via email to the email address above.

CLOSURE: The Church reserves the right to close or prohibit the use of these facilities at its discretion (e.g. in the event of an emergency, etc.)  In this case, any hire fee paid in advance will be reimbursed in full.  However, the Church will not be liable for any other costs or losses incurred as a result of such closure.


  1. Alcohol may NOT be consumed in the church sanctuary.
  2. Consumption of alcohol is permitted in the Jubilee Hall and Lounge in the following circumstances only:
  3. i) wine may be served during an interval where this is included in the ticket price.
  4. ii) alcoholic beverages may be served as part of a meal.
  5. iii) a licensed bar may only be provided with a meal.
  6. If the Hirer is providing alcohol at an event, whether it is included in the ticket price or is sold in any other manner, a Temporary Event Notice (Alcohol License) (TEN) must be sought from Harborough District Council BEFORE the event and evidence of that TEN provided either in hard copy or via email to the Lettings Administrator (lettingsmhcong@outlook.com).  An event where a TEN is required and not sought will not be allowed to take place and a charge will be made for the hire of the room unless our cancellation policy has been adhered to. A link to Harborough District Council is below.


SAFETY OF CHILDREN & ADULTS AT RISK: No regular activities or groups specifically for children (under the age of 18) or adults at risk will be permitted without the prior agreement of the Church committee, which will require that the conditions of its Care and Safety Policy for Work with Under-18’s and Other Vulnerable People are met.  Copies of this Policy will be emailed by the Lettings Administrator to Hirers and must be signed and returned prior the hiring of the room.

DAMAGE: The Hirer agrees to pay on demand the cost of repairing or making good any loss or damage (fair wear and tear excepted) arising out of or incidental to the hiring.

ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT: Any portable electrical appliances used by the Hirer and not provided by the Church must have a valid portable appliance test (PAT) label or certificate.

EQUIPMENT:  No equipment or furniture other than that provided in the building may be left on the premises without the prior permission of the Church committee.

END OF HIRE: When vacating the building, please ensure:

  1. all lights are turned off
  2. all windows are securely closed
  3. all internal doors are closed
  4. all external doors are secured and locked as required. If a Hirer is unsure of the process of locking the Church after use, they must contact the Lettings Administrator to familiarise themselves with the process prior to the hire.

PAYMENT: payment will be requested via an invoice in the month following the hire of the facilities, usually by email.  Payment is due within 28 days of the invoice date and should be made by cheque.  The cost of hiring the facilities will be agreed with the Lettings Administrator prior to the hire and will be noted in writing, via email.

KEY RETURN: It is the responsibility of the Hirer to return the key to the Lettings Administrator either in person (Monday 10am-12am or Thursday 11am to 1pm, Church Office) or via the Key Drop Box to the right of the Fire Exit at the bottom of the stairs.  Once the process of locking the Church (see above) is complete, the Hirer may post the key in the key drop box and exit the Church through the green door.

Should the Hirer not return the key within 7 days of the end of the hire, a charge of £10 will be made for the outstanding key.  The same charge will apply if a key is lost.

In the event of an urgent problem within the building that does not require the emergency services, please contact Colin Freer on 07720 149541,or Margaret Nash on 07388 322237 or Tom Caine on 07784 228371.

By hiring any of our facilities, you and your guests/attendees and any other person affiliated to you or your Group are deemed to be in agreement with the above Terms & Conditions.

DATA PROTECTION:  Your privacy is important to us. The Church complies with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by keeping your personal data securely and for the sole purposes of customer service and invoicing.