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The following information was prepared for the display in the Jubilee Hall 10/11th November 2018

Banks WE

Borrow CE            Borrow FG

Burdett FH

Burrows H

Buswell H             Buswell SC

Clapham FT

Deacon J

Dunkley FR

Elliot W

Hancock W

Harmer WR

Holyoak WT

Knight JB

Looms J

Lord S

Maycock FE          Maycock J A

Page EH                Page FW

Palmer HW           Palmer PR

Pollard R

Randall AH

Stafford GH

Strongman AJ

Wilford AE          Wilford CF             Wilford GE

We want to acknowledge

Pat Perkins and the project team –

John Dilley –

The War Graves Commission

We have given this information in good faith, but we are aware that there may be errors, please let us know if you have further information.

World War 2 memorial